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Waiting on the Hearing Industry™ 

Season 1  

Episode 1: "It Has Come to my Attention"

Episode 2: "Here's the Deal"

Episode 3: "2022 MarkeTrak Survey – 13 Years Overdue?"

Episode 4: “To Consider Physical Limitations

Episode 5: “Difficulty with Hearing Aid Insertion

Episode 6: “Who’s Valerie?

Episode 7: “Outreach Efforts

Episode 8: “What Drives You Guys?

Episode 9: “Gruv Button Technology

Episode 10: “The Award

Episode 11: “Reasonable Accommodation

Episode 12: “Benefits All Parties

Episode 13: Gruv Button™ Trials

Episode 14: “Inclusion

Episode 15: “All This Unnecessary Distress

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Our sponsors advocate for ​People with Disabilities, People with Hearing LossSeniors, and Caregivers.  They are helping us propagate Waiting on the Ivory Tower™ among hearing aid users and their families, worldwide, as we encourage hearing aid manufacturers to incorporate the assistive device, Gruv Button Technology™, into their hearing aids.  


This needed "designed for all" and "designed for accessibility" modification is a reasonable accommodation.


We thank these genuine advocates and ask you to visit them and support them!


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