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The Gruv Button Retrofit Kit™ is a great way to retrofit your own RIC's with Gruv Buttons™. 

Gruv Button™ Insert Assist 

     The solution is Gruv Button™ Insert Assist  

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11-21-2020 resized fingernail color blow

Patients can now use their fingertips to maneuver the receiver past the obstructing cartilage and down the angled and bending canal so that the receiver is positioned sufficiently deep in the canal. 

Notice how the fingertip and fingernail fit into the Gruv Button™ making it so much easier to control and manipulate the receivers.

11-21-2020 resized fingernail color circ

Remember; people use their fingertips to insert the receiver – so the solution is a device that

facilitates fingertip insertion of the receiver by providing:


  • Real access to the receiver

  • Real control over the receiver, and

  • Real ability to manipulate the receiver

The award-winning and internationally-patented Gruv Button™ Insert Assist is an ergonomically designed speaker surface that interfaces with your fingertip to help you control and guide your hearing aid speakers as you insert them into your ears. 

My fellow Practitioners, we know that when the receivers are inserted deeply enough, patients enjoy:

  • Optimal hearing and understanding

  • Hearing aids that are more secure (purging fear of loss)

  • Reduced feedback, and

  • Hearing aids that are less noticeable (because wire closer to the head)


And, of course, you and the industry enjoy:

  • Happier, more successful patients

  • Reduced returns

  • An enhanced reputation for RIC-style hearing aids, and

  • An enhanced reputation for the hearing aid industry


The Entire Industry Benefits with Gruv ButtonInsert Assist!  All Hearing Aid Users, Practitioners, Hearing Aid Manufacturers, Veterans, Caregivers; the entire hearing aid industry.


Hearing Aid Manufacturers, our patients should always come first, don't you agree?

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