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Each Ear, LLC is focused on improving hearing aid manageability and effectiveness. Gruv Button™ technology, for example, employs ergonomic design to enable better access to and control over the hearing aid receivers.

Message from the President

"I have long maintained that all manufacturers, when designing products, should consult the people deploying their products - and working with the actual users of their product. 


To the hearing aid manufacturers:

- Think of our veterans, of people with physical limitations", our seniors, and all of your RIC-users!

- There is every reason to license and implement Gruv Button™ technology from Each Ear, LLC - and    absolutely no reason not to.  Help everyone utilize your RIC hearing aids!”


Jeffrey Szmanda, President


Our Mission

Our mission is to call attention, to the hearing aid manufacturers, of the need to rectify RIC hearing aids – and strongly encourage them to license the patented Gruv Button™ technology from Each Ear, LLC and then implement it for the benefit of our patients and our industry.

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Gruv Buttons™ are Patented

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