Each Ear, LLC

Each Ear, LLC is focused on improving hearing aid manageability and effectiveness. Gruv Button Technology™, for example, employs ergonomic design to enable better access to and control over the hearing aid receivers.

Message from the President

"Welcome to Gruv Button Technology™ and Each Ear, LLC.  I have long maintained that all manufacturers, when designing products, should consult the people deploying their products - and working with the actual users of their product. 


To the hearing aid manufacturers:


Think of our veterans, of people with physical limitations", our seniors, people with challenging  ear canals and all of your RIC-users!


There is every reason to license and implement Gruv Button Technology™ from Each Ear, LLC - and  absolutely no reason not to.  We are determined to get through to you; please help everyone utilize   your RIC hearing aids!”


The Entire Industry Benefits with Gruv Button Technology™!  All Hearing Aid Users, Practitioners, Hearing Aid Manufacturers, and Veterans; the entire hearing aid industry.


Jeffrey Szmanda, President


Our Mission

Our mission is to help the hearing aid manufacturers realize the need to rectify RIC hearing aids – and strongly encourage them – to license the internationally-patented Gruv Button Technology™ from Each Ear, LLC  – and implement it for the benefit of our patients and our industry.