Trainers - Consultants 

Ted Venema

Audiologist & Consultant

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Higher Education

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David Oswalt


Former Director of Training at Zounds Hearing, Inc. 

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Helpful Blogs

Living With Hearing Loss 


"Living With Hearing Loss is a blog and online community for people living with hearing loss.  Founder Shari Eberts has an adult onset genetic hearing loss and hopes that sharing her story will help others to live more comfortably with their own hearing issues."

Hearing Protection

Noise Levels and Exposure Limits 

Important charts to help you understand when it's appropriate to protect your hearing. 

Helpful Websites

Cochlear Implant Basics  

Cochlear implants can be a life-changing experience.  Listen to people who've experienced this amazing change in their own lives.  We want all Hearing Aid Professionals and Caregivers to know about this important website that helps everyone understand the basics of cochlear implants.

Helpful Services

121 Captions

Expert providers of verbatim realtime captioning onsite and remotely to your tablet or laptop.


Helpful Products

Ear Gear

Protect your Hearing Instrument from

Sweat, Moisture, Dirt, Loss & Wind Noise


High Fidelity Acoustic Filters

Products intended to reduce hearing loss.


EAR Trains the Brain


Improve your speech discrimination, receive support from your hearing healthcare professional, be more relaxed and feel more confident in your ability to understand what people are saying, and stay active and involved in your world.


The World's First Digital Therapeutic for Hearing Loss


Amptify is an evidence-based hearing healthcare program that uses a proprietary digital toolkit to provide ongoing and personalized hearing rehabilitation from our world-class specialists to your diverse population.