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"We Need This Thing!!"

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"Hearing aid manufacturers...

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Here are comments made by actual hearing aid users retrofitted with prototypes!"

Dear Jeff,


I now have had ample time to evaluate the Gruv Button addition to my hearing aid.  My original skepticism was unfounded.


As you know, I was having trouble “seating” the device into my ear.  Because of this I was getting irritating feedback.  Now, using my fingernail on the Gruv Button, I easily slide the device snuggly into my ear.  Rarely do I have to “re-seat” it during the day and when I do the Gruv Button does the job.


I’m very satisfied with the Gruv Button.  I could have saved a lot of irritation if I had found it earlier.


Thanks much for your help.


Ray B.


Ray’s hearing aid was retrofitted at:

Zounds Hearing of Bayside

Bayside, Wisconsin

Dear Jeff,


I want to thank you.  As I told you, I wasn’t wearing my hearing aids because I had trouble inserting them with the arthritis in my hands and was concerned about losing one or both of them.  Hearing aids are expensive!  Then I heard about “Gruv Buttons” from a friend and that your hearing aid office had them. 


I can do this!  Now I can get them in my canals really, really deeply where they should be.  And once they are in they stay put, even when I wear my hat.  Gruv Buttons are just a part of me now.  And I am now enjoying hearing well and the comfort of a well placed hearing aid.


Thank you, Gruv Buttons!


Lucy S.


Lucy’s hearing aids were retrofitted at:

Zounds Hearing of Bayside

Bayside, Wisconsin



Those are the best things that ever happened.  They are so much easier to get in now and they do the job.  I hear pretty well now.  They stay in better because I think they go in deeper.  They are very comfortable.  I’m very pleased with the results.


Jerry S.


Jerry's hearing aids were retrofitted at:

Zounds Hearing of Bayside

Bayside, Wisconsin

"And here are comments made by actual, experienced, hearing aid practitioners at a 

Wisconsin Hearing Professionals Annual Meeting"

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From our experience, we know that too many people struggle with insertion.


Now we have an opportunity to make hearing aids so much easier to insert for veterans, people with physical limitations, older adults, and people with challenging ear canals.  And we know this will increase the hearing aid’s effectiveness in delivering the prescribed amplification.


Please sign the petition!  Thank you.

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