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The Gruv Button Retrofit Kit™ is a great way to retrofit your own RIC's with Gruv Buttons™. 

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Dear Jeff,


I now have had ample time to evaluate the Gruv Button addition to my hearing aid.  My original skepticism was unfounded.


As you know, I was having trouble “seating” the device into my ear.  Because of this I was getting irritating feedback.  Now, using my fingernail on the Gruv Button, I easily slide the device snuggly into my ear.  Rarely do I have to “re-seat” it during the day and when I do the Gruv Button does the job.


I’m very satisfied with the Gruv Button.  I could have saved a lot of irritation if I had found it earlier.


Thanks much for your help.


Ray B.


​Ray’s hearing aid was retrofitted at:

Zounds Hearing of Bayside

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