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Hearing Healthcare is the Smart Move™

Hearing Healthcare is the Smart Move was conceived as recounted in The Stigma-Marketing Question and Grand Solution” and will grow to be a massive public relations and marketing campaign focused on empowering people with positive thoughts about hearing health and hearing aids. 


An industry-leading public relations agency would flesh out and manage this campaign.  It would create and manage an independent, professionally-designed website for the campaign with the participation of the individual hearing aid manufacturers’ public relations agencies.


Hearing Healthcare is the Smart Move™ is co-founded by Each Ear, LLC and the Coalition for Empathy and Culture Shift™, initially comprised of leading organizations representing seniors, people with physical limitations, people with challenging ear canals, caregivers, veterans, the promotion of ethical selling, and independent hearing healthcare providers.


Additional participants in Hearing Healthcare is the Smart Move™ must include the hearing healthcare industry (manufacturers and associations) and may include; organizations pertaining to occupational therapy, consumer advocacy, hearing aid buying groups, insurance-related, sales, marketing, hearing foundations, social media, hearing healthcare media, consumer media, business media, and financial media.

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