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Retrofit Campaign

The Gruv Button Retrofit Campaign™ is a meaningful marketing campaign that promises a significant competitive advantage because you’ll bring new patients into your clinic! 

The Gruv Button Retrofit Campaign Kit is comprised of:


180 Gruv Buttons™, assembly kit and


    a. Watch our instructional video, How to Retrofit


2. A listing in our Caring Industry Leaders™

    Directory on so that future

    patients can find you!

    a. Listed by the Practitioner

    b. The link to the Directory listing page is included in

         the Kit


3. Once your state has 30 Caring Industry

    Leader™ Directory listings, we’ll send press

    releases to Local Consumer Media

    promoting The Caring Industry Leader ™



4. Two 8.5x11 Promotional Displays

    promoting Gruv Button™ Retrofits

    a. One for your lobby

    b. One for your office


5. 100 Gruv Button™ Retrofit Coupon Cards

    a. For your patients to hand out

    b. For your mailings


6. An optional print and digital Boilerplate

    Practitioner’s Ad

    a. Printed Boilerplate Practitioner’s Ad included in the


    b. Link to digital Boilerplate Practitioner’s Ad included

         in the Kit


7. Scheduled, National Public Relations 

    efforts to:

    a. Promote Gruv Button™ Retrofits

    b. Direct consumers to the Caring Industry Leaders™ 


Gruv Button Retrofit Campaign Kits™ are only $496.


The numbers work out like this:


      40 RIC-users

 x $25 each



Revenue      $1000

Cost of Kit   - $496

Profit             $504

Bring new patients into your clinic! 

Order Gruv Buttons

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