Gruv Buttons™

Gruv Buttons are ergonomically designed to improve RIC-style hearing aid manageability and effectiveness because users gain better access to and control over their receivers. 



We know that when the receivers are inserted deeply enough, patients enjoy:

  • Optimal hearing and understanding

  • Hearing aids that are more secure (purging fear of loss)

  • Reduced feedback, and

  • Hearing aids that are less noticeable (because wire closer to the head)


And, of course, you and the industry enjoy:

  • Happier, more successful patients

  • Reduced returns

  • An enhanced reputation for RIC-style hearing aids, and

  • An enhanced reputation for the hearing aid industry


Remember that people use their fingertips to insert the receiver – so the solution is a device that facilitates fingertip insertion of the receiver by providing:

  • Real access to the receiver

  • Real control over the receiver, and

  • Real ability to manipulate the receiver



The solution is Gruv Buttons.  There are three models of

Gruv Buttons™.


    1. SoloGruv

    2. TrueGruv

    3. WheelGruv


Patients simply use their fingertips to maneuver the receiver past the obstructing cartilage and down the angled and bending canal so that the receiver is positioned sufficiently deep in the canal. 


How each Gruv Button™ got its name:


SoloGruv has just one well-formed fingertip groove for a consistent wrist-position.


TrueGruv, which has four fingertip grooves, was named with the four cardinal directions which are directly across from or at right angles to each other (true north, true south, true east and true west.)  It accommodates a variety of wrist-positions while still providing well-formed fingertip grooves.


WheelGruv, with eight fingertip grooves, resembles a wagon wheel and offers the most versatility for users who really change up their wrist-positions.




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