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Coalition for Empathy

Coalition Acknowledgements 




People with Physical Limitations






People with Challenging Ear Canals


Westone®, The In-Ear Experts® 


Each Ear, LLC wishes to express our appreciation to Westone®, The In-Ear Experts®Westone provided sample Behind-The-Ear molds for use in the production of Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers, a 40-minute video training course for caregivers. 

Westone is also supporting Each Ear’s commitment to improve the manageability and effectiveness of Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids for people with challenging ear canals, with its Gruv Button Technology™.  


Since 1959, Westone has specialized in custom earpieces and many other products to protect and enhance hearing, facilitate communication, and support hearing health care professionals.  Westone’s dedication to absolute quality, uncompromising service, and The Golden Rule have made them a world leader in their industry. 




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